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Genesis G-Marathon Greybased 1005029

(Código: 100502938)
Genesis :
109,90 EUR
(-30,00%) 76,93 EUR
     Product information "G-Marathon Greybased"
Whether you're planning to run a marathon, looking for the perfect shoes to wear when exercising, or simply want to feel comfortable when on your feet, our G-Marathon Greybased sneakers are just what you need! These superior, water-resistant sneakers consist of high-quality sugarcane-based suede from Japan, offering the ideal aesthetic and the durability you need to keep you on your feet without discomfort. Featuring a mesh material prepared with recycled PET plastic bottles, these shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, keeping your feet in the absolute best shape!

From the moment you put these shoes on your feet, you will experience the difference of standing on insoles made with the finest recycled EVA foam to keep your heels and toes comfort able as you move. Prepared with the non-woven fabric made of pineapple leaves, also known as Piñatex®, these sneakers are perfect to wear with your favorite outfits in any weather – rain or shine!
color softrose pinasilver olive